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Entry Form
for Quilt Show to benefit
the Thayer Memorial Library October 1-2, 2004
 (a separate form must be completed for each item entered)

Circle one:      Contest     or      “Display Only”

Entry forms accepted July 15-August 15,  2004

Identification                                                                           Category:
   Please print
Name:______________________________________ Large Bed___
Address:____________________________________  Small Bed___
Phone:______________________________________ Traditional:
E-mail address:______________________________    Large Wall___
Entry made by:______________________________     Medium Wall___
Quilted by:__________________________________    Small Wall___
Design source________________________________
Title:________________________________________ Non-Traditional
Year made:__________________________________ Large Wall___
Dominant colors:_____________________________   Medium Wall___
Size (inches) Width x Length:___________________     Small Wall___
Description for exhibition:______________________
Approximate Insurance Value $_________________

I wish to enter the above item and agree to abide by the rules and decisions of the judge.  I understand that the show organizers will take every precaution to protect pieces during this event, but cannot be held liable for loss, damage or other happenstance.  I give my permission for my entries to be photographed for publicity purposes relating to this event.
Signature____________________________________ Date__________________

Please mail : labeled slides or photo, entry form,
$4.00 entry fee (contest quilts only)  and SASE to:
Thayer Memorial Library, Beverly Fine, PO Box 5, Lancaster, MA  01523.

Quilt to be delivered to Library by Sept 25, 2004.

Rules for entry of quilts into the 5h Annual Quilt Show
To benefit the Thayer Memorial Library

1. There is a non-refundable $4.00 entry fee per quilt.  (There is no fee for quilts exhibited in the show which are not entered in the contest.

2. Each entry must include a labeled photo or set of slides (one full view, one close-up.)

3. Mail entry forms to: Thayer Memorial Library     c/o   Beverly Fine
                                         PO Box 5     Lancaster, MA  01523
4. Entry forms accepted from July 15, 2004 through August 15, 2004.  No exceptions.

5. The first 125 quilts entered in the contest will be included.  “Display only” quilts will be accepted as space allows.  Postmark will determine date received.  Notification of Acceptance is by email by August 21, 2004.

6. This contest is open to all quiltmakers.

7. Entries may not have been previously exhibited at the Library.

8. All entries must possess basic structural qualities of a quilt.  Work must be predominantly fiber and be composed of at least two full and distinct layers that are held together with stitches.

9. Entries will be judged on overall appearance, design, and workmanship.

10. The categories are:
Large Bed quilt (King, Queen Double)              Small Bed quilt (Twin, Crib, Lap)
 Large     Traditional Wall quilt                            Large Non-Traditional Wall quilt
Medium  Traditional Wall quilt                            Medium Non-Traditional Wall quilt
Small       Traditional Wall quilt                           Small Non-Traditional Wall quilt

Large = total perimeter > 200”   Med = 140”-200”   Small = total perimeter< 140”

11. All quilts must be submitted ready for hanging with a 4” sleeve or accompanied by other display device.

12. The Friends of the Thayer Memorial Library reserve the right to final determination of suitability of any quilt for display in this exhibit.

13. Quilts will be picked up at the library from 5-7 pm Saturday October 2 or be accompanied by shipping package, label and total return shipping fee.

14. Although insurance will be in place for the duration of the show, insurance on entries is primarily the responsibility of the entrant.   All quilts must be labeled with quiltmaker’s name.